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  • Surveillance Station

    Your place of business, home, and other environments deserve a reliable and intuitive surveillance system. Synology's Surveillance Station
    delivers intelligent monitoring and video management tools to help safeguard all the important locations in your life.

  • What is Surveillance Station?

    Surveillance Station is a robust video management system that runs on all Synology NAS. Its intuitive interface lets you watch live feeds
    from multiple IP cameras, play back recordings, batch manage camera settings, and do much more. With compatibility for major browsers
    and mobile devices, you can monitor and protect your physical environment from practically anywhere, anytime.

  • Easy setup and intuitive design

    Simply install your IP cameras and Synology NAS, and then add cameras to Surveillance Station with the quick setup wizard. Batch
    camera installation and group management save even more time when working with large deployments.

  • Cross-platform and mobile surveillance

    Surveillance Station works perfectly with your preferred operating system, web browser, or mobile device with the free mobile app — DS cam. Whether you're a Windows®, Mac®, iOS, or Android user, you’ll be able to monitor your property and assets from anywhere with an Internet connection.

  • Scalable and secure storage

    Surveillance Station stores video recordings on your Synology NAS, allowing you to take advantage of scalable storage capacity and data protection features. Rest assured your recordings are safe with various RAID levels and backup features suited for your individual needs.

  • Highly integrated camera support

    Surveillance Station caters to your individual needs with extensive support for different types of cameras and devices from major hardware
    brands, so there's no need to break the bank and purchase new equipment when integrating Surveillance Station into your surveillance system.

  • Extensive camera support

    Choose from over 3,000 IP cameras from 80 brands, including multi-lens and 4K cameras. Native integration for specialized cameras brings more stability, customization, and flexibility to your individual setup.

  • ONVIF 2.4 Profile S

    Support for ONVIF 2.4 Profile S guarantees easy interoperability with an extensive range of IP cameras. That means system integrators and administrators benefit from an easier selection process when planning and purchasing cameras.

  • Fisheye and multi-lens cameras

    Multi-channel support for fisheye and multi-lens cameras delivers an efficient and cost-effective surveillance solution. Deploy just one camera to close blind spots and cover a wide panoramic view. Or see more with in-camera and software dewarping for wall-mounted and ceiling mounted fisheye cameras1.

  • Central Management System

    Central Management System (CMS) is designed for multi-site and multi-server surveillance deployments. The CMS infrastructure consists
    of a "CMS host server" which has total control over other “recording servers” across different locations, allowing security personnel to
    effectively monitor and manage large surveillance systems.

  • Efficient management

    Achieve efficient management in large-scale surveillance deployments. CMS offers centralized control from a single point of entry, allowing administrators to reduce the time spent maintaining recording servers and IP cameras that are spread across multiple locations. Centralized management helps prevent human error resulting from repetitive actions.

  • Centralized and flexible surveillance

    For large stores, office buildings, or other deployments that span multiple servers or locations, monitoring live feeds and recordings might become a daunting, tedious task. CMS provides unified controls for security personnel to easily filter surveillance footage according to the recording server, centralize logs from all servers into one place, or migrate multiple IP cameras to different recording servers, while consolidating camera licenses on the CMS host. Spend less time on tedious management, and more time safeguarding your surroundings.