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  • Restaurant Features
    General Features

    Designed for Touch Screen Invoicing
    Customizable Touch Screen
    Separate Department and Item Selection
    Modifier Items Prompting
    Line Discount Option
    Passwords on Voided or Discounted Sales
    Exportable Report Information
    Unlimited Department, Item and Modifier Content
    User Definable Menus
    Handles Unlimited Multiple Remote Printers
    Kitchen Order Printing
    Detailed Customer History
    Detailed Sales History
    Stores Old Invoices
    Puts Invoices on Hold
    Purchase Orders
    Detailed Order History
    Ability to Recall Reports from Any Given Day
    Easy Printer Management
    Vendor Tracking
    Create Hotkeys
    Inventory Control
    Food Cost and Use Reporting
    Tracks House Accounts
    Multilevel Password Protection
    Prints Reports to Screen, Printer
    Detailed Profitability Reports
    Online Credit Card Processing
    Adds Multiple Modifiers
    Microsoft Access Compatible

    Fine Dining Features

    Table Layout for Quick Table selection
    Table Diagram - Design where tables are located
    Automatic Server and Table Number Prompting
    Dining Room Table Management
    Quick Table selection prompting
    User Definable remote printing
    Customer Tabs
    Splitting checks
    Multiple Credit Cards on One Receipt
    Table and Server Swapping
    Special Orders
    On Screen Keyboard for Special Instructions
    Bulletproof on the Network
    User Definable Hotkeys
    User Definable Touch Screen
    Daily Specials (i.e. Happy Hour Specials)
    Order Filling Screen for Kitchen Monitor
    Station Specific Settings
    Employee Card Swipe Support
    Automatic Gratuity
    Party Size Prompting
    Customer Loyalty Features
    Individual Order Tracking (tracks what each customer orders)
    Order Status Prompting
    Online Credit Card Processing in 2-5 seconds
    Attractive Receipt Printing

    Quick Service and Delivery

    Phone Order Processing
    Invoice Notes for Delivery
    Fast Customer Entry
    Order Filling Station
    To-Go Order Status settings
    Store Unlimited Customers
    Add Customers from any station
    Easy Lookup by customer number or name
    User Definable Hotkeys
    Print Extra Order to printer
    Customer Loyalty Features
    Coupons on the receipts
    Fixed Item Hotkeys
    Customer Notes
    Password Protection
    Employee Swipe Cards
    Works with Weight Scales
    Programmable Keypad Ready
    Prints To Stay, To Go or Delivery on remote printer
    Easy Invoice on Hold
    Support Multiple Stations
    Customizable and colorful touch screen
    Supports pictures in buttons

  • Retail Features

    32 - Bit Processing
    Easy Navigation
    Fast Lookups by Barcode, Name
    Built in Help System
    Bar Code Ready
    Fast Processing
    Saleperson Tracking
    Scale Interface
    Works with Portable POS
    Equipment Rentals
    Microsoft Access Compatible
    Time Clock
    Detailed Tape Rental History
    Detailed Customer History
    Quickbooks Compatible
    Invoices on Hold
    Credit Card Processing with IC Verify
    Sets Rental Due Dates
    Built in Backup
    Handles Multiple Clerks
    Handles Multiple Cash Drawers
    Family Memberships
    Coupon Plans
    Gift Certificates
    Handles Customer Account
    Friendly Printer setup
    Freebies and Specials
    Non-Video Sales
    Customer Quick Search
    Flexible Pricing
    Prints Mailing Labels
    Flexible Taxing
    Password Protection
    Detailed Inventory Reports
    Movie Reports
    Late, Rented Videos, Videos in Store
    Management Reports
    Promotions for Preferred Customers
    Financial Summaries